Biographic note

iwinKrzysztof Iwin - a graduate of Gdansk Academy of Fine Arts, he studied in the Second Painting Workshop of professor Maciej Swieszewski and in the First Interior Architecture Designing Workshop of professor Andrzej Pniewski. He defended his diploma thesis of painting and drawing on 15.01.2003 with honours. He has dealt with painting, drawing and graphics for several years. The works are gathered by collector in Poland and abroad.

  • 1989 - 1993 Artistic Secondary School in Olsztyn
  • 1993 - 1995 Higher Pedagogic School in Olsztyn, Faculty of Art
  • 1995 - 2002 Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, The Faculty of Architecture and Design, The Faculty of Painting and Graphics
  • 01.2003 - Diploma (The Faculty of Painting and Graphics)

Usually I do not have any principles before painting a paint, I do not design it, I do not endeavour to realize, visualize any idea in order to convey it to others. A painting is an award for me - a surprise which arises from improvisation with a shape, colour, light and texture. Just like reality is not explicit for people, I try to make my paintings, contrary to appearances, to have as many meanings as many members of the audience there are.
If I were asked "why figurative?", I think I answered just like I answered at the diploma thesis defense: "... if I were a square, I might take up geometric abstraction."

Krzysztof Iwin


"Krzysztof Iwin's painting presents frozen fragments of non-existent reality. The silent world of stopped look has incomprehensible form of life and passing. The spectator is surprised at silence and reverie over the transience of the moment and the possibility of interpreting it. It is the painting which renders the state of mind which looks for sense in cold and fascinating life tissue. There is nothing more in it than silence, passing and a desperate attempt to catch dangerous, sometimes macabre beauty which has fascinated the artist for years. He successfully searches his own interpretation of the world at the same time looking indulgently at our attempts to find the sense and truth about life. The artist's activity can be compared with ocean waves - one wave is bigger, another one is smaller, one reaches the shore, another one disappears for ever, but they all form the Ocean - the huge world of art which, due to its variety, is so fascinating and bewitching. I believe that everything Krzysztof Iwin paints will reach wide ad wonderful shores."

Prof. Maciej Swieszewski

"Since I was taught by phenomenologists that I perceive the world through emerging world phenomena, through flashes similar to the ones which I make striking a match against a box, I have been always curious what emotions every new painting will arouse in me. When I was going into the studio of ASP in order to see Krzysztof Iwin's works for the first time, at first I saw gathered canvas, frames and easels. Inside I saw a calm figure of the Author. After greeting him, I looked at his painting - first, second, third. You know this feeling: your brain, your consciousness, and finally the language you speak look for well-known emotions, terms and words in order to describe what gets through to us. My body and mind thought about the word sadness. Yes - I see the paintings which contain sadness. As if non-verbal, picture definition of sadness. Unlike fear, this sadness has in itself stop, peace and silence; it has precision causing strange sensitiveness to the pain of a soul; it has unreality or even better: deformation of reality which in short moments of distancing releases the feeling of the outside world's poetics. Being inside the sadness of Iwin's painting, I start to realize how precise the painting must be so that the match flash of the painting phenomenon does not go out in the moment of banality, painting bungle, technical imperfection. But I praise Krzysztof Iwin's work. I praise it since the emotion caused by his painting lasts, because the painting can keep this emotion. There are care and attention in them which are necessary to keep the fire of the match for some time. For this long moment, the matter of Iwin's painting withdraws, becomes transparent - it helps feel. (...)"

dr arch. Jacek Dominiczak (fragment of review)

"The characters of Krzysztof Iwin's paintings are guests in an empty room who crossed a darkness zone, who were infected with human yearning and anxieties. Being isolated, lonely, they look, with their sad yes, at the hostile, cold world where even "Scarers" are sometimes scared too. Sad fairy tales for adults tell about princesses who are loved only by rag puppets whereas princes, who have never freed themselves from their sad childhood, follow monsters' example who are as lonely as them. Although they are unreal, they go through real human tragedies. In Krzysztof Iwin's paintings there is no violence or disgusting ugliness but there are sadness, nostalgia and touching search for warmth and closeness. Author's wonderful imagination make them an amazing phenomenon as amazing real art may be."

Krystyna Moczulska - Atler

"Fishing reality" (scenario and pictures Krzysztof Iwin - black and white). What a strange story... It is not bad but I cannot say whether it is great - it is simply one of its kind. It reminds of "Phantasmata" from "Product", on the other hand, there is something of Dave McKean in it (this nice man who avidly made covers for "Sandman") and finally you can feel the style of Ben Templesmith ("30 Days of Night") - strange, unreal, a bit oneiric which reminds of "Sandman" - great ideas for the construction of a chart ("you know, I have pretty bad news: grandma is dad" in the foreground) and putting text in frames probably with the aim of intriguing the reader. For me It is fantastic. On the other hand, one can say that sometimes one does not know what happens (well, such clinical cases happen) but what does it matter? I was impressed by this story. The artist with great potential - let us hope he can go further.

[Reprint of review from Aleja Komiksu] Written by Yaqza

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